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Me, Gr daughter Kylee, Bob

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

18, July, 2012
Here i am again after such a long absence, this time i am trying to learn how to blog with the cards that I've made,so that my cutomers will see what is new in my daily life. These two cards were made tonight in Lourae's class. she has so much talent that i want to share with all of you what we work on. These are her creations and so simple to do. Hope that anyone following will be encourage to dig in and try these out. We used a cuttle bug on both cards, and direct to paper with ink on both embossing. A Little paper piecing on the school bus and just inked up dots (about 5) and stamped the little backgound for the rooster. All products used are from Close to my Heart.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Family

Jason Thien (Shasta's husband)
Thanksgiving Day Billy, Josh , Nugget '08

Hyrum Thanksgiving Day '08

Chad Bigler and Bobbie Jean Shupe now Mr & Mrs

Sierra Elizabeth Thien daughter of
Jason and Shasta Thien Fall 09

Hyrum, BJ, and Bob Shupe an outing showing Meridth
a mine.

Billy Bob Thanksgiving Day '08 at our house

Nugget and Maria on Vacation

My Sisters in 1958 at the old house on poverty
Flat...Danita, Glenna, & Monie

Shasta my 1st daughter and 4th child Jan 09

My Mom, Wilma Jan 09

My Family at the Wedding of our
youngest daughter Bobbie Jean
Bob, Janice, Chad, BJ,Shasta, Nugget,Hyrum, Billy

Casey my 2nd gr-daughter showing her PJ's
that i made her for Christmas '09

Casey school picture '08

Princess Sierra my 3rd gr daughter
Christmas '08 ....loves princesses.

A year has gone by since i set up this blog and at the time I thought I would use it on a monthly basis. Well that didn't happen,because i let some negative feedback get to me. Someone I love said that this is dumb! Maybe it is to her, but to me it's like a family/friend newsletter. Ya Know some things have to be learned over and over and over. Which is stay with what you believe in, only you can make yourself happy..

Last year I lost some very important people in my life and I figured that I handled it fairly well . Billy Bob has been in and around my mind so much it feels like he will show up at the door any moment now. My granny has been gone for more than a year and some of her words come to me so often. My Mother in Law has been gone over a year and half and i get such a happy thought thinking of some of her actions and way of life that she gives me smiles quite often. So many of her grandchildren have some qualities like hers, so we just live on through our family.Thank Goodness. I also lost along with their families a Uncle Leemon and his grandson Brandon and a lately his daughter Gail. We also lost a brother in law from Snowflake AZ. So it must be our time to let family members go to their second estate, and a time for me to reflect on what life is all about and i know that it is meant to be HAPPY at least as much as you can make it possible, so how do you be happy? Lots of ways, for me is probably different than it is for you. One of my happy times is when I have realized I have more friends than I realized and there love for me. My family that is so loving and caring even when their lives is filled with so much worldly things.

Of Course physically what makes me happy is making CARDS and sending them to family and friends. Plus all of the other hobbies that i have and fill my days. I recently read about 13 things that will uplift and Nurture yourself with. I want to try.

I guess just typing this out is therapeutic for me and i will get on with every day life soon.

So for today I'll finish and return a lot sooner I hope. I added a play list of music i enjoy so I hope you will too.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bobbie Jean made the flags for our Cowboys and Indians game "capture the flag" with comments from Cassie, saying "This is going to be so much fun."
I know I don't know how to play this, but apparently the next generation does. They have played it at conferences and so forth. We want all the family to get involved. It will take up a big area and we have found just the spot, close to camp. You will have to have some strategies to steal the other teams flag. ( Bobbie Jean will have the rules and game outline at the reunion)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

well we have created some interest for the reunion at least. Most of the comments have been about the Cook Off, so i will attempt to explain some of it. We are organizing as questions come up, but i'm pretty sure we have a handle on it.
First there will be 5 teams divided into the whole gang. Whom will be in your group is not known by you until the Friday night at camp.We have already determined your teams but will not devulge until Friday night. I will give a list of things provided by us your host and a we won't provide list, that might help you in deciding what you want to bring.
We will Provide
Salad fixins/ranch dressing
Cake Mix/ Can of fruit
Paper plates/ware

We won't provide
Cooking Utensils
Some of the rules will be you can bring or borrow anything in camp to help you prepare this meal. You will be cooking for about 10 people.

Friday Update on agenda is Tiera will be doing our Family pictures and will have a sign up sheet with her. She will also be doing a dating game following the photo shoot.Should be fun for the whole group, lots of laughs included.

Any question please contact any of the three of us, Shasta, BJ, Janice

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

A day to celebrate the freedoms that have been sacrificed for us that I am truely grateful for.I wish that the original freedoms would still be intact but slowly we are loosing them. I am grateful for all family and friends that have made American Great! I have been a fan of Sarah Palin and am sad to see her give up her governorship but it must be for a good reason, at the very least to save the tax payers money for all the lawsuits happening to her.

Reunion News:

Thea, Maddie and Tinker have all agreed to be in charge of the children younger than themselves during the Friday and Saturday Night Casino Tournaments. Great I think!!!
The pictures above are of Buckeye two days ago. I am new at this and placed them in the wrong spot, but just a look see to get you anxious.

When: August 6,7,8,9, 2009
Where: Buckeye on the East Side
Less than Four Weeks until the Big Event of our Reunion. We are attempting to prepare for this annual event and would like some feed back from you if you please. We are making assignments for different events and can go no further until we know who and who will not be there. We want you to feel welcome to bring with you anyone you wish, but please let us know how many and if they want to participate or just observe. We will be having two or three FAMILY events that we want everyone to be involved in, Dad, Mom and the children, friends. It will be fun!
Basic Outline and we reserve the right to change at anytime.
Thursday: Arrive and Set up
Pot Luck

Friday: Breakfast: Tyrissa’s Family
Group Pictures : Tiera will have sign up sheet for her Pictures
Game : Newly Wed Game, MC'd by Tiera

Friday Lunch: Heydi’s Family with Sisters
3:00 PM Prepare for Cook Off [Everyone]
5:00 PM Supper served
6:00 PM Kids will be entertained by Their group leaders
Grown Ups will start Poker Tournament or Black Jack
Also a $5 entry fee will be added into pot for the winner at the end of Tournament. (don't know if to have this one night or two, could use some feed back on this.)
Saturday Breakfast: Glenna's Bunch
Gun Tournament by all
Water guns for children
Saturday Lunch: Monie's Bunch

Game Capture the Flag (Cowboys & Indians) Everyone

Saturday Supper: Danita's Bunch

Poker Tournament continued or other games

Sunday Breakfast: Hyrum & Angie
Sunday Lunch: Pot Luck Again
Remember to provide the paper/plastic ware for everyone with your meal. That has served well in times past.
Other things to remember:
Guns, ammunition,
Chairs, Tarps (We have a feeling it will be rainy)
Things to play in the lake with.
Fishing supplies Need Colorado license can be bought on line
Garbage Bags
Bug Spray
Drinks /Treats

Please check back here to see changes and additions to meals and/or feedback.
Thanks Family
Several have commented on How much fun the Cook Off will be...I am so glad.

Ps If you put this blog in favorites on your tool bar you will be able to check back often to see what the changes are.

The reunion will be (if you have forgotten) :

August 6-9th